Boost the value in your home

How to increase home value, with Freedom Finance

Home improvements have become a more popular alternative to moving house. You might be happily settled in the area you live in but are outgrowing your property. Or you want to update old-fashioned fixtures and fittings. Alternatively you might just need a more practical layout to accommodate the family. Home improvements are the ideal way to create a better living space whilst also increasing the value of your home. Here are our top ways a home improvement loan can add value to your property.

Extend your property

It can be cheaper to extend your living space than to move to a bigger property. All in order to gain the extra bedrooms or bigger kitchen you need. Taking out a secured or unsecured loan – depending on the scale of your home improvements – can increase your property size. Additionally, it can add value should you wish to sell at a later date.

Convert your loft or basement

It may be that you don’t need to go to the expense of actually extending your property. Instead, you can maximise the space you already have. A home improvement loan with fixed regular payments can be used to convert your loft or basement space to create an additional bedroom or living area.

Replace old windows with energy-efficient windows

All properties lose heat through their windows. Ergo, a home improvement loan for energy efficient glazing will:

  • keep your home warmer and quieter and;
  • also reduce your energy bills.

Investing in new double or triple-glazing will add to the appeal of your home if you ever decide to sell up. And in turn, increase the value of your home.

Add a conservatory or orangery

If you don’t want the upheaval or expense of extending your house but could do with some additional living space, a conservatory or orangery can be a cost-effective compromise. Not only can you use a home improvement loan to create a new multi-purpose living space but it’s a great way to enjoy the views of your garden.

Get to work on the garden

Investing in your garden not only creates a nicer environment for you, but also increases the desirability of your property should you want to put it on the market. Using an unsecured loan to pay for landscape gardening or a new decking area can add value to your home as well as creating additional outdoors space for both relaxing and entertaining.

Invest in interior design

A small personal loan can help pay for those much-needed décor updates or that new dining furniture. Decorating your home and carrying out general maintenance keeps the interior fresh and appealing whether you intend to stay put or want to make the house attractive to potential buyers.

Get the right loan to increase home value

Aro can help you look for your most suitable home improvement loan without leaving an impact on your credit rating. Check your availability now.

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