Freedom Finance (Now Aro) takes top spot!

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We’re happy to announce that Freedom Finance (Now Aro) is the Best Consumer Credit Broker 2020 at this year’s Consumer Credit Awards. This award counts entirely on votes by you – our customers – and that makes it extra special for all of us here at Freedom Finance. A massive thank you to everyone that voted!

The voting process lasted 12 weeks, with over 19,000 customers giving feedback on over 120 lenders in the finance industry. Jacqueline Dewey, CEO of Smart Money People commented,

“Timely access to affordable credit is a key challenge for millions of consumers. And while some firms simply pay lip service to the notion of responsible credit, all our winners and finalists have demonstrated very high levels of satisfaction during what has been an incredibly difficult time for many customers.”

Jacqueline dewey, smart Money People

This is the third year that Freedom Finance (Aro) has been awarded Best Consumer Credit Broker – a feat that we’re absolutely thrilled about. To find out who won in the other categories, as well as who has taken the top spots before now, check out the Consumer Credit Awards previous winners.

Innovative ideas

This year, we set out to change the face of the finance industry. All by connecting more people to finance opportunities that were otherwise out of reach. The result was, of course, myfreedom.

Our new platform makes it easier for you to assess your finances, as well as unlocking you better credit offers from our lenders. We think it’s rather brilliant. And, it’s totally free.

Please note: Aro no longer offers myfreedom as we’ve gone one step further and built Open Banking into our online eligibility check.

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