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Aiming to help more people get the credit they need right when they need it, Little Loans is a broker working with a wide lending panel. It could be your first time borrowing or you might have had a few challenges with gaining credit in the past – Little Loans may be able to help. At Aro, that’s the confidence we want to pass on to our customers. That’s why when you compare loan options with us, you’ll see all your options in one place in as little as two minutes, without needing a hard credit check. Take back the power to make the right borrowing decision for you.

  • Unsecured personal loans from £100 to £10,000
  • Terms from 3 months to 5 years

Little Loans with Aro
Loan typeLittle Loans is a credit broker, not a lender 
Rates displayedRepresentative  
Loan amounts available£100 – £10,000  
Loan terms available12 – 60 months  
Age eligibility requirementsMinimum 18 years old  
Access for lower credit scoresYes  
Chance of acceptance availableNo  
Average loan payout time after approval24 hours  
Early repayment optionsPotential options, not guaranteed  
Online applicationYes  
Whilst we always try to be accurate in the rates, amounts and benefits offered by lenders, these are controlled by the lenders and not Aro. As such, they are subject to change and final decisions may differ slightly from the information below. Acceptance is subject to final checks and is not guaranteed.

Who is Little Loans, and who do they work with?

Little Loans is a broker that helps match up potential lenders with people who need a little extra support with obtaining credit. They have a wide selection of lenders that they can refer to, which they have carefully selected and grown, and Little Loans are proud of the trust customers put in them. They work hard to make the process quick and easy for borrowers, displaying options with representative rates to give a more general yet faster idea of what customers can expect, instead of real rates.

How much can I borrow through Little Loans?

Little Loans work with lenders that have the potential to provide loans from £100 up to £10,000, which can be spread across terms from 3 months to 5 years. The particular offer you may receive will depend on your personal circumstances.

What interest rates are available?

The rates you may be offered from lenders will be dependent on your credit score and any personal circumstances. Little Loans work with a wide panel of potential lenders – from low APR lenders through to short-term borrowing at higher APR for people who may struggle with credit ratings.

If you have a healthy credit score, the rates offered to you are likely to be lower– meaning lower monthly repayments.

Need to give your credit score a boost? Check out our top tips for improving your credit score.

Are there restrictions on what the loan is for?

Little Loans’ lenders do not generally place restrictions on what people can borrow money for – however it is good practice to only borrow what you need, and only ever what you can afford to manage. Little Loans is a broker that is designed to help people find emergency funds and smaller, quick-turnaround financial needs.

Who is eligible for a loan through Little Loans?

Little Loans’ lenders have their own eligibility criteria, but any finance or loan eligibility will also always depend on your personal circumstances and credit score. Additionally, lenders may look at income, outgoings and existing credit to see what may be right for you.

Meeting their basic criteria will mean you are likely to be eligible for a loan through Little Loans’ lending panel:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Receive a minimum income of £750 a month – higher amounts will influence any offers
  • Have a bank account with a valid debit card
  • Additional checks to prove identity and criteria will be requested

How quickly is the money from a loan paid?

On average, Little Loans’ lenders tend to pay out loan amounts within 24 hours of the application being approved.

Lenders and banks have their own procedures to make sure money is safely and securely transferred. The lenders Little Loans work with see most loans transferred into accounts on the same day. With eligibility check times as low as 45 seconds, Little Loans make that process as quick and easy as they can.

How do I check my eligibility for Little Loans?

We can help you find out your eligibility with Little Loans, without any negative impact to your credit score. Simply fill in your details and we’ll check your personal loan options with a wide panel of lenders in minutes.

Can I get a loan if I am on benefits or self-employed?

Little Loans has a broad panel of lenders to try and support people from as many circumstances as possible, including those who are self-employed or those on benefits. There may be a few more questions regarding your current situation in order to borrow, but there is no block from checking your eligibility in either of these situations.

Are there any added benefits to checking my eligibility with Little Loans?

As they specialise in smaller loan amounts, the big benefit to using Little Loans is the speed and ease that you can check your eligibility with, however there are other benefits to using their services:

  • Potential same-day delivery of funds once approved
  • Borrow amounts as low as £100

What should I consider before taking out a loan?

As with all borrowing, it’s important to make sure you only borrow what you can afford to repay.

  • You might need bank or ID verification
  • Your loan offer will be subject to final lender and fraud checks
  • Lenders may need to get in touch over the phone if they have any questions about your application
  • Missed repayments can negatively affect your credit score
  • If you are self-employed or on benefits, you may need to prove status or income
  • Smaller loans with smaller repayment terms may come with higher APR values

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