Customer stories: “Amazing to feel contentment again”

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Last month, Thomas came to us looking for a debt consolidation loan to pay off debts that had built up after a drop in income during the pandemic. Initially, he was just looking for information on what options were available to him, but then proceeded to get in contact with us.

“We initially approached Aro for a loan after searching online for help and information on consolidating credit cards and loans. Aro has a very informative website and a link to obtain further information, without adding any more pressure on us.”

After we ran through his options, Thomas decided to proceed with a secured loan. A secured loan is a loan that’s secured against your home – so you’ll need to be a homeowner to take one out. You can usually borrow larger amounts with a secured loan, so if you’re looking to borrow a relatively large amount, it could be a better fit than a personal loan.

“The overall experience with dealing with Aro was exceptional. From the moment we initially contacted them, through to completion, it was outstanding. Very informative, reassuring, and friendly. In my opinion, they went beyond what I have experienced before. BRILLIANT COMPANY.” 

With a secured loan, you’ll also need to have an initial call with one of our team so they can explain your finance options and make sure it is the right loan for you. Our team will then work with you to see your loan right through to completion, and are here to help with everything along the way. 

“A very special thank you to Mel, who was a rock, throughout the whole process. Financially having now been able to pay off all credit cards and loans (which built up by funding the finishing off a new build and then the lack of income due to covid), we are so much better off, both financially and more importantly, mentally. Amazing to feel contentment again.”

Thomas, the pleasure was ours. 

At Aro, we know that no two people are the same – and neither are their finances. We’ve made it our mission to make our marketplace the most diverse on the market and offer the widest range of finance options than anywhere else.

Secured loans form a vital part of our borrowing marketplace. Common use cases for secured loans include:

  • Saving a customer a hefty early repayment fee when they want to access the equity in their home but are in the middle of a fixed rate mortgage
  • Access to larger loan amounts that can allow customers to consolidate their debts or make home improvements
  • Potential for customers to access lower rates than with a personal loan, saving them money each month

While a secured loan might not be the right finance option for everyone, having it as part of our marketplace ensures we can help even more customers fulfil their financial objectives and deliver good customer outcomes. 

Think carefully before securing additional debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

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