Freedom Finance announces a significant rebrand, unveiling its new identity as Aro

Freedom Finance rebrands to Aro


The rebrand illustrates the company’s continued ambition to deliver personal credit solutions 24/7 through its embedded finance platform

MANCHESTER (SEPTEMBER 19, 2023) – The UK’s go-to embedded finance partner for brands, Freedom Finance, has today unveiled a new visual identity, new website, and refreshed positioning. The business will now operate under the name Aro and Aro Mortgages.

The essence of the new brand is rooted in Aro’s fundamentally forward-thinking approach to the borrower market, signifying a departure from the outdated credit scoring systems of preapprovals and unattainable offers. This transformation reaffirms Aro’s belief that  everyone should have the ability to access credit, advocating for a more inclusive credit industry, and its ambition to deliver personal credit solutions at scale and 24/7.

This announcement marks another milestone for the Manchester-based company. Earlier this year, the business hired Richard Sharp as managing director for its mortgages businesses, joined the Fintech Pledge to help households save money by consolidating their debts, and launched an update to its Lender Performance Index, enabling lenders to offer more competitive terms.

Since its founding in 2007, Aro has undergone significant growth to establish itself as the UK’s largest lending marketplace and a leading second charge broker. In 2022, Pollen Street Capital completed a significant new investment in Aro to continue to develop the business’ embedded marketplace offering. This remarkable trajectory has seen the organisation forge strategic partnerships as the go-to embedded finance platform for the likes of Very Group, Littlewoods and Argos. Aro also partners with 100+ lenders including Santander, Zopa, Lendable and Shawbrook.

“Aro is more than just a name; we’re reinforcing our commitment to redefine borrowing for the better with a new brand that underlines our forward-looking vision for the industry. The industry’s current focus on price and products simply isn’t catered to answer everyone’s needs. We are championing a change that defies industry conventions and transforms the world of borrowing,” said Emma Steeley, CEO at Aro. “In this new chapter, we will continue to empower our partners to be more entrepreneurial and innovative, by guiding the development of future products that suit the needs of their customers. This is just the next step on our exciting journey towards a future where financial empowerment knows no bounds.”

“The evolution of Freedom Finance into Aro is a testament to our collective dedication to progression and innovation in the financial sector,” said David Dawson, Partner at Pollen Street Capital. “We are excited to be part of this journey, and we remain steadfast in our mission to empower Aro with the resources and expertise needed to become a next generation leader in financial services.”

About Aro

Aro is the UK’s go-to embedded finance partner, largest consumer lending marketplace and one of the nation’s leading second-charge mortgage brokers. The fintech’s data-driven platform delivers personal credit solutions 24-7. It accurately matches customers to exactly the right credit products for their needs, giving them the power to take control of their finances.

Aro is partnered with some of the UK’s biggest brands, including Argos, Asda Money, BNP Paribas, Sainsburys and V12 Retail Finance. Aro’s embedded finance partners can give their customers access to the UK’s largest lending marketplace, as well as get a better understanding of their customers through Aro’s enhanced data capabilities.

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