Interbridge Mortgages enters second charge mortgage industry with Aro Money

MANCHESTER, UK – 11 June 2024 – Aro Money, one of the UK’s leading second-charge mortgage brokers, is thrilled to announce it has added Interbridge Mortgages, a dynamic and innovative entrant into the secured loan market onto their lending panel. This collaboration comes at a time when demand is growing for flexible financial solutions as households across the UK navigate the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Secured loans have become an essential financial tool, enabling homeowners to unlock the equity in their homes without needing to refinance their primary mortgages. The product offers practical options for consolidating debt, funding home improvements, or managing other significant expenses. The working partnership between Aro Money and Interbridge Mortgages in the second charge mortgages industry is poised to provide these vital solutions to a broader audience enabling both businesses to deliver great customer outcomes.

The collaborative approach between Aro Money and Interbridge Mortgages is built on a foundation of shared values, including a commitment to innovation, providing customer-centric solutions, and the use of advanced technology to simplify and enhance the borrowing experience. The partnership has already achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of their first joint transaction, marking Interbridge Mortgages’ first-ever completion in the second charge mortgage industry.

With more lenders entering the market, customers will benefit from increased choices and competition. Interbridge Mortgages’ innovative offerings and streamlined application processes are expected to help find a financial solution for a diverse range of clients.

Simon Martin, CCO at Interbridge Mortgages, said: “We are excited about the potential impact of Interbridge Mortgages on the second charge market. Our goal is to offer flexible lending solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers. By incorporating advanced technology and a customer-centric approach, we aim to simplify the borrowing process and make second charge loans more accessible. We believe our entry will encourage other lenders to innovate, ultimately benefiting the entire market and we’re delighted to be working with Aro Money to provide more options for their borrowers.

Richard Sharp, Managing Director at Aro Money, explains: “As we look ahead, we are confident that our partnership with Interbridge Mortgages will continue to yield positive results. Our customers benefit immensely from the unique products and efficient processes that Interbridge Mortgages brings to the table. This partnership highlights our commitment to working closely with industry leaders to ensure that consumers have access to the best second charge mortgage solutions available in the market.”

About Aro Money

Aro Money is Aro’s standalone mortgage advisory business, focused on second-charge mortgages and one of the largest of its kind in the UK. We are a first-class secured loans broker with a customer-first mentality and are the chosen solution for several B2B partners, including the likes of Equifax, BNP Paribas, N Brown Group, Sainsbury’s Bank and V12 Retail Finance. 

Supported by the knowledge and skill set within the wider Aro Group, the Aro Money team are highly experienced in seamlessly integrating personal credit solutions into partner marketplaces and creating end-to-end customer journeys that deliver good outcomes. Our digital approach with a human touch allows us to accurately assess the needs of each customer and deliver the best possible outcome for them and their finances.

About Interbridge Mortgages

Interbridge Mortgages is a new and dynamic second charge lender, committed to offering innovative and flexible lending solutions. Leveraging advanced technology and a customer-first approach, Interbridge Mortgages aims to set new standards in the second charge market, making borrowing more accessible and efficient.

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