Aro. For today, and tomorrow

Aro is the UK’s go-to embedded finance partner for brands, extensive lending marketplace and an experienced second-charge mortgage broker.

Our ethos is simple: we believe that everyone should have the power to take control of their finances. To make the most informed decisions, and expect the best outcomes. So, we’ve built a digital ecosystem which delivers just that.

Our data-driven platform accurately matches customers to the right credit products, at the right time, giving us the power to deliver personal credit solutions 24/7.

Powerful data. Extensive options. Putting customers first. It’s a simple formula, and one we use to make sure everyone can get borrowing right.

Finance, without the fuss

At Aro, the power is in your hands. Our dynamic search does the hard work, letting you check your eligibility with over 50 UK lenders and swiftly matching you with the right credit options; helping you borrow right – for now, and for the future. Our data-driven approach ensures that we show you personal credit solutions, matching you with credit offers that are fit for your needs, so you can make the right decisions about your borrowing. Aro – discover the smart way to search.


The more data you share with us, the more accurately we can match you to personal credit solutions that meet your needs.

Credit score protection

Our smart search won’t harm your credit score as we only do a soft search of your credit file.


We use data to accurately match you with tailored borrowing options so you’ll only be shown credit offers that are right for you.

Rate clarity

To help you navigate your finances, you can clearly see if your rate is representative or guaranteed.

Let Aro point you in the right direction

Here to help

If you have any questions or queries about your application, give our UK team a call.

Open Banking

Is your credit score not a good representation of your finances? Open Banking can enhance your eligibility and provide more accurate loan options.

Communication choices

Email, phone call, live chat – we even have an app, Nivo for homeowner loan applications. We’ve got loads of ways you can contact us

Extensive options

We have finance options in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for personal or homeowner loans or credit cards and car finance options, our finance search includes them all.