Aro website accessibility

We’re clear in our stance – everyone should be able to borrow right today, for a better tomorrow. That means we aim to make our services and website accessible to everyone, including those with visual, physical or hearing impairments. As such, our support includes:

  • Using web links that are able to be understood when using screen readers
  • Applying alternative text (“alt text”) tags to describe the images we use
  • Constructing forms in a logical order with relevant, instinctive labels to each part
  • Applying fonts and formatting to our website that is easy to read

Text size

We choose our fonts and text settings carefully, but if you find you need to adjust the text size further, the below links show how to do this, as well as other tips for visual assistance:





Using our services


You must enable JavaScript in order to access our eligibility check form ( JavaScript is used to deliver critical functionality, and the eligibility check form will therefore be inaccessible if your browser disables JavaScript.

Adobe Acrobat

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view and print documents from our site which are in a PDF format. See Adobe’s website for help if you’d like to read PDF documents with a screen reader.