10 cheap Easter activities to entertain your kids

Family decorating Easter eggs at home.

Not sure how you’re going to entertain your kids this Easter? Well, we’ve got you covered. With rising prices putting many entertainment options out of reach right now, we’ve come up with 10 cheap Easter activities to entertain your kids that’ll keep you and your family busy for most of the school holidays.

1. Easter baking

Child baking Easter cookies with mum and dad.

No matter if you’re a baking novice or the next Mary Berry, Easter baking is a cheap and easy way to entertain the whole family. From simple cornflake nest cakes and decorating Easter cookies to whipping up hot cross buns, there are plenty of options for all skill levels.

What’s more, with many simple bakes only needing a few ingredients, this activity is a fairly affordable way to spend the day. And the best part? Tucking into your homemade treats, of course.

2. Take a trip to the park

Yes, we know this one’s a no-brainer. But with so many free public parks out there, you can make the most of sunny weather (fingers crossed) with a trip to your local swings. It’s free and easy to arrange – what’s not to love?

3. Visit a museum

Child having fun at a museum.

Did you know that many museums around the UK are free to enter? There are loads of family-friendly museums out there with interactive experiences that’ll keep your children entertained. Some popular free museums that you could check out this Easter include:

  • Natural History Museum, London
  • Big Pit National Coal Museum, Torfaen
  • Science and Industry Museum, Manchester
  • Discovery Museum, Newcastle
  • Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

4. Build a fort

If you don’t mind surrendering your sofa cushions for a day, building a fort with your kids can be a lot of fun. Simply grab cushions, blankets and pillows and let your children’s creativity run wild as they create a fort out of what they can find.

5. Get to the beach

Family at the beach in the UK.

If the sun does make an appearance this Easter, a trip to the beach can be a fun day out for the entire family. By planning ahead and taking your own food and beach games, you can make an entire day of it without it costing a fortune.

6. Easter crafts

If your children love to get creative, spending a few hours making Easter cards for family and friends can be a great way to keep them occupied. You can get well stocked craft kits online for around £5 to £6, making it a relatively cheap activity – especially if the kit lasts for more than one use.

7. Go for a bike ride

Family on a bike ride in the woods.

If you’ve already got your own bikes, getting active one morning with a ride around your local area can be a great activity. If you’re worried about your kids out on the road, the are many places around the UK that have dedicated cycle tracks, so you don’t have to pedal amongst traffic.

8. Have a movie marathon

Need a day where you’re not rushing about here, there, and everywhere? Well, a movie marathon can be a great distraction for a few hours. Simply pick your favourite film franchise, grab the popcorn and sit down for an afternoon of at-home cinema.

9. Plan an Easter egg hunt

Child on an Easter egg hunt.

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a good Easter egg hunt. Small chocolate eggs will only set you back a few pounds in your local supermarket and can be hidden around your home, garden or even along a public footpath. No matter how big or small you want to make it, this activity can provide entertainment for little and older kids alike.

10. Go to the farm

As well as museums, many farms around the UK are also free to visit, and Easter is the perfect time to go if you want to see the baby animals. Here are a few top free farms you can drop in at:

  • The Garden House, Stockport
  • Old Rectory Farm at Sheldon Country Park, Birmingham
  • Lamont Farm Project, Glasgow
  • Occombe Farm, Devon
  • Tannaghmore Animal Farm, Craigavon

Feeling inspired? No matter what your budget this holiday, there are plenty of cheap Easter activities that can keep your family entertained without breaking the bank.

Want to spread the cost of your Easter plans? Check if you’re eligible for a 0% purchase card now and pay off your activities monthly rather than all in one go. Just remember that once the 0% interest period ends, the card’s usual APR will apply.

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