5 brilliant money podcasts you need to listen to

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Find finance a little stuffy? Well, these podcasts are about to change that. We know that personal finance isn’t the easiest thing to get your head around. That’s why we’ve gone on the hunt for a few money gurus who can make the world of money a little less…well, dull. So, if you want to get a better grasp on how you can reach your finance goals, here are 5 brilliant money podcasts you need to listen to.

Podcast 1: Ask Martin Lewis Podcast

Founder of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis answers your burning personal finance queries in a quick, succinct way. Covering topics of the moment, the Ask Martin Lewis Podcast makes you aware of the big issues that might affect your money and the best way to avoid rising costs. There’s a whole host of content on the current energy crisis, but also incredibly useful episodes about boosting your savings and the latest debt schemes.

Podcast 2: How to Money

A podcast from across the pond, How to Money is a US-based money podcast that chats through some of the biggest topics in personal finance in a casual, jargon-free way. Although some content may not be relevant to a UK audience, there’s a lot of great tips and advice that you can take away and apply to your own finances. Topics range from the serious, such as creating a debt payoff plan, to the more light-hearted, such as budget travel tips.

Podcast 3: Money Box

Money Box is your sure-fire way to quickly find out about what’s going on in the world of UK finance and how you might be impacted. You’ll hear from experts to give you the answers you need about a whole range of topics, whether it be saving for children, starting out as a young entrepreneur or receiving debt advice. It’s a straight-talking, no-nonsense podcast that’ll give you invaluable insights into topics that matter to you.

Podcast 4: In Her Financial Shoes Podcast

Catherine Morgan tackles relatable money issues that many of us struggle with, such as overspending and common hurdles that are preventing us from becoming wealthy. The In Her Financial Shoes Podcast is all about changing your mindset and giving you the tools you need to become financially confident and build wealth.

Podcast 5: Money 101

Finally last but certainly not least, Money 101 is a refreshing take on navigating personal finance from the perspective of Bea Duncan, a twenty-something going through many of the financial struggles most millennials and gen-z are battling today. She chats to experts to get answers on everything from buying a property and renting to debt and borrowing money. It’s a great podcast for those needing to get to grips with money basics while also giving you practical information you can actually use.

So, if you’re not confident you know the best ways to cut your costs and make your money go further, there’s plenty of brilliant money podcasts out there that can get you on the right track.

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