Top tips for buying a car

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Are you thinking about buying a new car? There are a few things you should consider before you buy your next car, to make sure you get the right one for you. Here are our top car buying tips:

Think about what you need

Before you start your search, think about what you actually need. Do you need space for a family? Do you need to travel long distances or will it be used for short commutes? Write down a list of all the things you definitely need in the car and your budget too. That way, you can avoid making the wrong decision.

Research prices

Don’t go to the first dealership and give in to temptation as you might not be getting the best deal. Shop around at a few different places and remember to check online prices too.

Car dealer or private seller?

Typically, if you buy a car from a dealer it is likely to have warranty and you will also be protected from the Sales of Goods Act. A car dealership should also repair any faults with the car before selling it. However, car dealership prices are usually higher than private sellers, so it is worth comparing the two. Don’t be afraid to ask any sellers if they can do you a better deal.

Running costs

It’s not just the cost of the car you need to consider. You also need to think about running costs too. Remember to factor in insurance, car tax, maintenance and fuel. Everything can add up to a hefty price, so if it’s your first car don’t forget to price this all in. A new car can be more expensive to start with, an older used car may become more expensive with added maintenance costs.

History and service checks

Once you have a car in mind, it may be work doing a ‘vehicle check’. You will be able to find out if the car is recorded as stolen, if the car has outstanding finance, been an insurance write off or even recorded as scrap. Bear in mind that different ‘vehicle check’ companies do not check everything.

Arrange finance

There are several ways you can finance your next car. Dealerships often offer a range of finance options, such as Personal Contract Purchase. You can also use a personal loan to purchase at car. At Aro, you can check your eligibility for a loan without impacting your credit rating. Read more about your different finance options in our blog – financing a car

Pay part on credit card

If you buy a car from a private seller, you may wish to pay some of the amount on a credit card. This may give you added protection by your credit card provider if something goes wrong. The details of your policy can differ from business to business so check this out before you decided to go ahead.

Hope you enjoyed our car buying tips. And for more, check out our car finance page.

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