What does APR % mean?

This stands for Annual Percentage Rate – which is the cost of borrowing money over the course of a year. Having it as a percentage figure allows people to compare the cost they’ll face when taking out a loan or credit card. It is important to note that an APR is different from an APRC.

Lenders also use something called ‘Representative APR’. This is the APR that 51% or more of successful applicants will get. But that rate may not be available to the other 49% of applicants, who are likely to be offered a higher rate.

This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the APR% when checking your eligibility, as it gives you a good idea of just how much you will be paying each year for borrowing money from lenders. For more advice, take a look at our article on explaining Annual Percentage Rates. You might also like to know how your APR is decided or what is Representative APR %?