Can I be turned down for a loan?

Yes, any lender can turn you down for a loan. When you check you eligibility for a loan, it’s up to the lender to decide whether they can lend to you (it’s their money, after all).

It’s important to know that each lender looks at your credit report to decide whether the loan or credit is affordable.

This information, along with each lender’s own set of conditions, helps them work out if they can give you a loan or credit.

Each lender calculates the credit score differently. For example, a person may get turned down because their credit history is limited, or their credit profile shows they’ve had trouble repaying debts in the past, or their file shows a number of ‘search footprints’ from previously applying for loans.

In the view of a lender, all of these examples can make it riskier to lend to a person, which is why they might be turned down.