Where to splurge and where to save for home furnishings

Pretty, young woman choosing the right furniture for her apartment

Furnishing your home can often become quite costly, especially if you are looking to kit out an entire house. There are some items that we would suggest investing in, especially if it’s something you will use often, but there are definitely some areas you can save. Here’s a breakdown of items that we think are worth the investment and some areas where you might be able to save your cash!

Invest – Sofa

The sofa is often the focus of any living room and in most households, is used often! A sofa is typically worth the investment because if you purchase one that’s good quality, it’s likely to last a long time. When purchasing, the key things to consider are whether it is comfortable, able to stand wear and tear and whether it will fit in with your living room décor. Opting for a plain colour can often be a wise decision because that way, you can change the décor of your living room without having to change your sofa.

Save – Accessories

Looking to add a few accessories to your home? Sometimes all a room needs is a little splash of colour to bring it to life. Whilst you could spend hundreds on fancy accessories, there are DIY accessories that you can easily make yourself for a couple of pounds! If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out Pinterest. It’s an online ‘pin board’ where people regularly post their DIY tricks and ideas!

Invest – Mattress

The average person spends 8 hours each night in bed, roughly equating to a third of your life! So a comfortable mattress is definitely an area worth the investment. A good mattress should not only be comfortable, but also last a long time too.

Save – Wooden furniture

Whether it’s a new shelf, set of draws or a wardrobe, if you need to save money this can be a good place to start. Antique shops often sell wooden furniture for affordable prices and they still have plenty of wear left in them! A lick of paint can completely transform a set of draws. You could even try Freecycle where you can pick up unwanted items for free.

Invest – Electricals

Sometimes the cheap deals on washing machines and refrigerators can be enticing, but you might find that they need replacing much sooner. Look for appliances that have good reviews and are economical. Whilst an economical washing machine might cost more, you might be able to save on your water and electricity bill!

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